Monster Pants

Jonathan wore through 3 pant knees last week. I suppose this is what happens when you spend most of your day driving firetrucks on your knees, sliding on your knees and generally being 4.

So I fixed one pair that I thought I could save.


I’m not sure how long it will last but it was fairly simple.

I cut the hole larger and into somewhat of a shape of a mouth, stuck red fabric behind and sewed along the curvy part. I stuck the teeth in before sewing the top part. Next, I cut out the eyes and sewed the one black eye to the white first before attaching it and the other. Volia.

I should mention that the idea is not mine. I got it, like many things these days, off of Pinterest.

I ended up doing it by hand but I had tried to first rip up the seam of the jean to use mymachine (I read you can do this). It seemed to tricky though and easier by hand but I’m not sure if it is stable enough to last more than a few more wears and washes. Oh well, Jonathan really like it:)

Have a lovely week everyone! Spring is finally here (minus two days when it’s suppose to snow…whateves)


June update

This, this is going to be random. I wanted to write something sentimental. Something smart, something inspiring. But I’ve been sitting here for almost an hour chatting with my sister on Facebook and my mind is full of none of those things. Instead, here’s the last week or so in photos.

 Fathers Day: Pancakes and Avengers. All. Morning. Long. (we never eat in front of the tv. It was special)

I have decided to look at cooking dinner as more of an opportunity to hone my culinary skills instead of a chore. This way, things are much more enjoyable. This Sunday I made a roast (delicious), whipped califlower (not so delicious – mostly because the blender is no substitute for a broken food processer. Lesson learned) and procuitto wrapped asparagus (success!)  

 And for dessert, I decided “enough Pining, time to do something to justify those hours of clicking and scrolling” so I made this: Apple and Brie with brown sugar and cinnamon (that’s the butter on top pre-wrap and bake). This is the before shot; I ate the after shot. I panicked and skimped on the apple, and let me tell you, don’t skimp on the apple. Also, raisins would be a good addition. Just sayin’ for next time…

 The house has been kid proofed. Tomorrow is our last home study meeting and we have been busy little bees, bolting down tv’s, finding lock boxes for meds, fire extinguishers, baby gates, electrical plugs, first aid kits and the list goes on. I’ve been whining a little (ok a lot) about it, but really in the end it all doesn’t matter. JUST GIVE US OUR KID ALREADY!!!!

Meanwhile, this kid went to his first sleepover camp. No parents, not even 1 out of 4 for a whole 30 hours. Phew. He made it and even had fun (a 7/10 if you ask him). That’s good news since he’s going to a 5 day sleep away camp in a few weeks…ready for the big leagues!

 I made a skirt! It was super easy, about 2.5 hours. I love it and want to make more but I have a quilt at the quilters that will need binding and another quilt that needs to get sewn together and and and about another 8 projects on my list so we shall see how many more summer skirts get done (that and I need to wait for a good sale at Fabricland!)

 About 2 weeks ago on an unexpected sunny afternoon I plunked all our seeds into our garden. Finally. And basically it’s been raining ever since. Such is life in Calgary. Despite all the rain, things are growing already The novelty of growing things doesn’t ever seem to wear thin for me. I love it. I think it’s amazing. This year we expanded our garden and now are attempting to have  beets, carrots, radish, peas, lettuce, potatoes, and onion.Yipeee!

And because of all the rain, I’ve been doing a lot. A LOT. of this. We got a library card and have actually been twice, which is one more time than the last time we renewed the card three years ago. It was cozy and nice the first few days and now I feel like I’m going to loose my mind if I don’t get some consistent sunshine back in my life. I also really need to the sun to shine because it’s embarrassing how much time I’ve spent on Pintrest, particularly the last few days. Enough. Give me my summer!

There’s my not sentimental, smart or inspiring post. I feel it brewing, it’s right there under the surface, so maybe next time I’ll blow your mind with some steller thoughts. Maybe not, but maybe….


 Well I did it! I managed to spend 5 days off and check off many things on my giant to do list in amongst morning naps, long showers and couch slothing. The weather wasn’t as nice as I thought it would be, but all the gardening and outdoor activities were replaced with closest cleanings and watching many episodes of The Soprano’s (with no cable, we get hooked on a show once in a while and download the series…almost done season one!)

I also got to makin’ me a second shirt: way easier than the first, although it took a few alterations and adjustments, and took me only 2 and half hours. Now, I just need some nice weather so I can wear my new shirts! (I also made two birthday presents but will wait to post them:)

And, the best part of having a staycation? Making peanutbutter cornflake balls at 11:30 pm on a whim. Yumm.

Good thing there’s only 2 work days of work to get through before the weekend…I’m going to need to ease back in as I’ve become very accustomed to my new life style!


My first clothing project was somewhat of a success. After two weeks of quiting and returning to it I  finished it (mostly) on my birthday!

no belt
 Clearly my modeling skills need some practice time

There are some flaws (ha, to say the least). The worst being that I can’t get in and out of it without a production (you know, the kind where you’re in a change room and you thought you were a small but really you are a medium and you get stuck half way taking off the shirt with your arms in the air and the shirt over your head so you can’t see and you start to sweat because one more cm of movement means you’re going to hear that dreaded ripping sound and you just hope that the sales lady isn’t standing too close to the otherside of the door. yeah, like that).

Also, I can’t get the buttons done up once it’s on without assistance (I don’t mind though, he’s hot). Details, details. I might try to make it again, but maybe with a zipper up the back instead of buttons and a few other changes.

Although tricky and infuriating frustrating at points, I learned lots and am excited to make more.
Up next: Pants! 
 It helps that I got an awesome birthday sewing table to work at! (and a side kick cat to boot)