Kitty Brown; Back in Action


One night this past week, I put Jonathan to bed as usual: Sometimes the cats wander in and out while we read a story, or they curl up on the floor waiting for me to exit after we sing some songs.

This one particular night, Kitty Brown had hunkered down on the floor and as I went to leave she didn’t dart out with me. I gave her a little nudge with my foot and she didn’t budge. Fair enough, she wanted to stay. So I closed the door. This has never happened before. A few hours later, she was still there, right where I had left her, and I had to pick her up to get her out so she wouldn’t be trapped all night.

At 5 am Jonathan called out. He had been sick all over his bed. We spent the day napping and watching cartoons, I’ve never seen him so quiet and slow moving.

That night, Kitty Brown crawled into bed with Jonathan. After much “Kitty Brown luff (love) me?” reassurance while petting her and tickling her whiskers, she curled up at the foot of the bed and would not leave. Again.

This cat is the sweetest thing. I swear she knew something was up even before we did. Even before Jonathan did.

Now she’s back to her usual routine of wandering in his bedroom and waiting for me until we leave together and she’s happy to curl up in her little saucepan on her cat tree as Jonathan is back to himself.

Oh Kitty Brown, how I luff you too.



The Dog Kid Comparison

There are a lot of things that irritate me. Stuffed animals lined up in your back car window. People who are rude. Gobs of peanut butter left on a knife in the sink…Calgary weather…I could list them all day. But for the most part these things are insignificant (yes even Calgary weather because what can you do?!) and I move on, but there is one thing that constantly irks me: The dog/kid comparison.

Side note: while we were waiting to be placed with Jonathan, I even had a car/kid comparison. Yep. A kid is the same as buying a car don’t you know? A coworker who bought a mini cooper was showing it off in the parking lot one day. I asked some question that included the word ‘buying’ in it and she replied ‘oh no Lindsay, you don’t buy a Mini Cooper, you adopt it’. Really? REALLY?!

I am first to admit that I was a bit slightly very sensitive at the time (ahem, still am) around the use of the A word. And, I know there are lots of references to adoption – it does not exclusively mean to give your sleep, sanity and every waking moment to a strange child with absurd behaviours and a horrendous past. I get it. But come on! Did she not for one minute remember the countless conversations we’ve had about the fact that I’m adopting a child? A human being? And you think that having your silly little car can be compared to me raising a child? My face got all hot and red and I had no response to her insensitive comment.

Also, I’m not actually all that confronting (most times) in real life so I kept my mouth shut. (If any of you have adopted a mini cooper and a child I’d like to know if they really are the same thing. Please, enlighten me).

Ok, the real point of this post – the dog/kid comparison. It’s no secret I’m a tad obsessed with my cats. To all you dog people, I get it but in reverse, with cats. But in no way are my cats comparable to my kids. Okay, maybe in the way they are stinkin’ cute and I take too many photos of them but the similarities end there! The “raising a dog is just like having a kid” and “we’re thinking of having kids, so we got a dog first” statements have always drove me bananas, even before we started the adoption process. So you can imagine how worked up sensitive I became once we started the process (refer to story one above).

Keep this in mind as I rant, again, in a few moments.

A little while ago I came across this on Facebook (I believed it was shared through the Canadian Human Society Page…If I remember correctly):

adoption dog

Oh, sigh. Here we go.

If you have spent hours being hit and bit and kicked because you asked your dog to wash his hands, then yes, maybe your dog is just like an adopted child.

If you have spent  countless hours reading reports, talking, discussing and wondering about all the history and neglect and other terrible things that happened that are not in the report and how the heck to manage it all, then yep, your dog is just like my kid.

If you always worry that you’re going to run into your dogs first parents when you are out at the store or have dreams about him being kidnapped by them, well hey now your dog IS just like my adopted kid.

You  must also spend hours emailing, talking to, visiting and humming and hawing over what school is best for him given all of his needs along with if you should change-up your behaviour approaches because the last few days have been terrible and hard and all-consuming when all you’re trying to do is teach and love and give stability and normalcy. Huh, I suppose then yes. Bang on, exactly the same.

I think I have some pent-up feeling currently, I’ll find a way to let them go by next post:)


I have written before about Jonathan and our cats , one cat in particular, although the connection between the two of them is nothing like this!



Birthdays and Back to Winter

So this happened this week: IMG_20130228_192210Anthony turned ELEVEN!!!

He had a laser tag party with his friends, a special dinner and cake and presents at our house and then another cake and present night at his moms. If some kids think that having divorced parents sucks, come talk to this guy, he finds it all good;) And that hat, that’s a Finn hat I made him. It hasn’t left his head in 7 days. If you could hashtag blogs it would read: #donttouchitwitha10footpole. If you are not familiar with Finn from Adventure Time and you have a young boy in your house, you should check it out.

Making a card for the big bro. He was so proud:)IMG_20130228_152636


This week we started trying some new parenting/behaviour ideas with Jonathan. It was hard. He pushed back, in a big way. He knew something was up and day one he had a freak out to end all freak outs. I almost joined in. It was probably the worst day since he moved in. But then, the next day happened. And that next day was beautiful and sunny and calm. We went for a big walk in the sunshine, I think we both needed it. Close to the end of our jaunt, Jonathan went running down a hill and did a head first slide into home base. But there was no home base, only a mud puddle. He handled it like a champ!IMG_20130301_161625

We’ve had a couple more freaky freak outs and extra hiding under his bed in the past few days, but he is coming around quicker and things are less intense when they do happen. Insert large sigh of relief….for now. I really don’t know where I can find another bucket of patience to handle much more of what went down the other days, but I’m willing to pay a pretty penny if anybody gots some!


The next day after our wonderful sunshine and walk, this happened:20130303_113357
Oh Calgary. You sure keep it interesting.

And I couldn’t think of anything better to do during a snow storm (except go get groceries…always an adventure) then this: IMG_20130303_141758

My poor plants have been very neglected the past few months and but they recieved lots of care on this snowy day. I can’t wait for spring to get out in the garden with Jonathan this year!


And just a final picture to follow-up on my last post about our cats, this has been happening more and more:IMG_20130306_203121

It’s cozy and wonderful.


The Power of Kitty Brown

Jonathan fell in love with our cats day one, and much to my surprise they loved him right back. He calls them Kitty Brown and Kitty Black.


Just like us, the cats were use to quiet and calm and I was positive when his loud, fast-moving, only quiet when he’s sleeping self moved in our black cat who is scared of her own shadow (Kravan) would be hiding under a bed for a loooong time. And, although our brown cat (Calypso) is super friendly and loves any kind of attention (she stops people on the sidewalk as they pass and will flop down to have her belly scratched) she isn’t use to little people and I figured she would be uninterested in this new human.

But, what has been unfolding before my eyes has been amazing to watch.

IMG_20130228_085230 IMG_20130228_085319

I knew something was brewing between the Jman and Kitty Brown about 7 weeks or so after he moved in. We were told from his last foster mom (there have been 4) that in the recent past, he frequently would run and hide when he would hurt himself. In this way, Jonathan is making HUGE progress and is seeking comfort from me when hurt about 90% of the time, and he is slowly letting Gord into the mix too.


On this particular day he had hurt himself, and the other 10% happened.

He cried out, I went to him, and he ran.

He ran away yelling “NO NO NO” and hid under his bed. I lay down quietly on the floor beside his bed and was talking to him, or trying to anyway. Really, I was getting nowhere fast and he continued to cry and shout at me. Then, in saunters Brown Kitty. She went right under the bed and he completely switched – calling to her in his sweet little voice he was so calm. She came back out from under the bed and Jonathan followed. He sat in my waiting lap and showed me his hurt toe while the cat stood by. I was speechless at what I had just saw.

Turns out it wasn’t a fluke, which I had started to think it may have been. Several times after this happened I noticed when Jonathan had a fall or would bang an elbow and crying would follow, even if he came to me, a few seconds after his first cries the cat would appear.

And then last week, this happened:


There is something between these two. No flukes. No coincidences. Just a boy and his cat and some unspoken love.

Moments earlier, he had been in time out. Screaming louder than I had heard him ever before. When it was all over, he jumped in the bath and Kitty Brown came right in and plopped herself beside the tub. He would accidentally splash some water while he played about and the cat would run out for a moment, but she kept returning. Right back beside him. Blowing my mind.

Blowing my freakin’ mind!!!

And Kitty Black? She never did hide under the beds, or anywhere else for that matter. Not only that, she has even started to get in on the Jonathan love too. As his bath finished that night, she came in taking up the post after Brown Kitty had left. And, she often joins us on the bed each night while we read a book or two.

I tell ya, there is something special about this boy and these cats.


Blowing. My Mind.


**I just need to explain the horrendous blue carpet and disaster of a room that keeps popping up in my photos. It is our sun room. It has no insulation. In the summer it is gloriously hot and wonderful and we sit and read and there are plants and despite the blue carpet it is the most wonderful little space. Sigh. Unfortunately, in the winter when it get to -30 outside, it’s also that inside the sun room; so it becomes a dumping ground. Jonathan does not seem to care about the cold and spends so much time playing in here that many pictures end up with a lovely blue tinge with junk in the back ground. I feel better that you all know this now.


Photo Dump

Big photo dump! Here’s what we’ve been up to the last couple of week:)

This cat, she’s killing me with her cuteness. She’s so sweet and gentle and has this crazy connection with Jonathan (more on that later). And, when she’s super cozy and sleepy at night she starts to wink. Always. Sigh, I know I will be the crazy cat lady when I’m old.

IMG_20130214_192401 IMG_20130203_205210

This is as much baking as I’ve got to do on my own/with Jonathan (yes I’m counting pancakes as baking because that’s all I’ve got). I thought I’d get to do this more, but apparently quiet afternoons of tea and sunshine and baking are a myth of parental leave.

IMG_20130212_072520 IMG_20130215_124056

We got Jonathan this spinney Ikea chair. He loves it and I think he’s almost done his first novel.

IMG_20130210_152510 IMG_20130209_142648

I started embroidering. It’s terrible – I can’t stop. I’m so serious I bought these I’m-so-serious-about-embroidery scissors to prove it. I’m on my third project and I’ve abandoned all my other sewing and quilting projects which is a problem as there is a pile waiting to go.  And this guy, even though he’s about to turn ELEVEN next week, he still likes to bake a pie (and murder it) with his step mama…well he pretty much can bake on his own own but I pretend he needs my help;)

IMG_20130206_183417 IMG_20130203_174933

Last week I would do errands and then park in the preschool lot 30 minutes early so I could listen to Canada Reads. I’ve listen before, but this year I was hooked. I’m half way done February by Lisa Moore and man alive, it’s good. I also put up these girly fabric circles (thank you Pinterest) on our wall…so far Gord doesn’t seem to mind;)

IMG_20130214_113047 IMG_20130215_090933

It was my birthday last week and Gordy spoiled me. We had 2 nights of respite and even got away to Banff for one night. It was so nice and appreciated. I got spoiled with presents including this air plant, my first. Hope I can keep it alive!

IMG_20130220_032133 IMG_20130216_033038

We’ve been spending time at the zoo (I’m one visit away from bringing my pillow and moving into the botanical gardens…the smell, the humidity…)

IMG_20130210_115131 IMG_20130210_203659

Off for dinner and then some wine and cheese with my love…I think I have a serious cheese problem developing… more on that later too;)


Almost there!

Infoshare. Check.
Information overload. Check.
Meet my little boy…still waiting!

We are through some of the official business; that happened Friday and both of us, running on only a few hours of sleep, had so many names and dates and thoughts and images of seeing our little guy at preschool (man alive he is cute) running through our heads that we felt like they were going to pop right off.

The rest of the official business comes tomorrow when we formally say yes to our worker. There is also a court shindig tomorrow to wrap up a document that should never have existed in the first place, but we are expecting no issues. 

Next up, a transition plan will be put into place and we are hoping by late this week to go meet the little guy and start moving him into his forever home over the next couple of weeks!!!

So you know there’s that. Whateves. No big deal. HA!

Also, this has been happening:

Cooked my first Turkey!
The cats have been extra cute and extra cuddly since it got chilly out.
I took this as a sign to start making a scarf


Had an epic (5 hours counts as epic right?) board game night with some friends 
and an impromptu date night with my love.

 We went for a walk/hike one day…and then this happened

 I found The Jackpot. Plus we bought a few wee things for the little guy. 
You may sense a theme in his items.

 I baked banana bread today and have been slowly figuring out my dehydrator. 
You’d think it would be simpler….

I’ve also been working away on my two quilts. Perhaps I will even come close to finishing one tomorrow if I…ahem…cough…cough…stay home from work tomorrow:) Got to stay busy somehow to keep away the crazy waiting!