Photo Dump

Big photo dump! Here’s what we’ve been up to the last couple of week:)

This cat, she’s killing me with her cuteness. She’s so sweet and gentle and has this crazy connection with Jonathan (more on that later). And, when she’s super cozy and sleepy at night she starts to wink. Always. Sigh, I know I will be the crazy cat lady when I’m old.

IMG_20130214_192401 IMG_20130203_205210

This is as much baking as I’ve got to do on my own/with Jonathan (yes I’m counting pancakes as baking because that’s all I’ve got). I thought I’d get to do this more, but apparently quiet afternoons of tea and sunshine and baking are a myth of parental leave.

IMG_20130212_072520 IMG_20130215_124056

We got Jonathan this spinney Ikea chair. He loves it and I think he’s almost done his first novel.

IMG_20130210_152510 IMG_20130209_142648

I started embroidering. It’s terrible – I can’t stop. I’m so serious I bought these I’m-so-serious-about-embroidery scissors to prove it. I’m on my third project and I’ve abandoned all my other sewing and quilting projects which is a problem as there is a pile waiting to go.  And this guy, even though he’s about to turn ELEVEN next week, he still likes to bake a pie (and murder it) with his step mama…well he pretty much can bake on his own own but I pretend he needs my help;)

IMG_20130206_183417 IMG_20130203_174933

Last week I would do errands and then park in the preschool lot 30 minutes early so I could listen to Canada Reads. I’ve listen before, but this year I was hooked. I’m half way done February by Lisa Moore and man alive, it’s good. I also put up these girly fabric circles (thank you Pinterest) on our wall…so far Gord doesn’t seem to mind;)

IMG_20130214_113047 IMG_20130215_090933

It was my birthday last week and Gordy spoiled me. We had 2 nights of respite and even got away to Banff for one night. It was so nice and appreciated. I got spoiled with presents including this air plant, my first. Hope I can keep it alive!

IMG_20130220_032133 IMG_20130216_033038

We’ve been spending time at the zoo (I’m one visit away from bringing my pillow and moving into the botanical gardens…the smell, the humidity…)

IMG_20130210_115131 IMG_20130210_203659

Off for dinner and then some wine and cheese with my love…I think I have a serious cheese problem developing… more on that later too;)




I’m new to wordpress and trying to figure out the pictures/text formatting…please excuse the weirdness while I figure it out!

Besides, you know, the whole life-changing-adoption-thing we are doing, I’ve been trying to keep a little bit of me time doing the things I like to to do. The times I get to do them are shorter and I’m usually tired and would be rather sitting on the couch scrolling Pinterest for…well, anything really! But I think it’s important to maintain some kind of self these days.

So, I made some jam.


In the summer, I pitted and froze what I thought was a lot of cherries. Turns out it was only enough for 5 small jars, but 5 delicious jars. Last time I made jam, which was my first time, it didn’t turn out so hot. This time, I took it as a personal challenge to do better. I really enjoy the process – all those steps and the whole procedure of making jam. One of the best parts was the amount of humidity the giant pots of boiling water produced. I was in heaven.


I also made some cinnamon sugar almonds for little gifts for teachers, friends, neighbors…ourselves….after burning the first batch (do not turn your oven a simgin over what is listed in the recipe!) these also turned out delicious and were quick and easy:)

A week ago I took part in a little art/Christmas show that Gord’s work puts on every year I had  a few things made already and ‘whipped’ up a few more. Ha. It was a great success and I hope that maybe in the spring I can participate in another show.

Finally, I got started on my binding for this quilt <—Working on top of a play mat around trucks and trampolines was new for this gal. I now have it cut, just need to sew it together and then actually bind it. Maybe by the new year it will be finished!  I also have my big traveling quilt I’ve been making with my friend Christine in Australia to work on. I now have the backing and binding (I think…unless I change my mind…).

If anybody has tips on how to stay up to midnight to get things done I’d appreciate it.

I started Christmas baking too, just a few simple recipes this year, however I forgot to take any pictures. I know, the scandal. Next week is Gord’s birthday so there will be more baking – black forest cake to be had! I love this time of year!!!

Almost there!

Infoshare. Check.
Information overload. Check.
Meet my little boy…still waiting!

We are through some of the official business; that happened Friday and both of us, running on only a few hours of sleep, had so many names and dates and thoughts and images of seeing our little guy at preschool (man alive he is cute) running through our heads that we felt like they were going to pop right off.

The rest of the official business comes tomorrow when we formally say yes to our worker. There is also a court shindig tomorrow to wrap up a document that should never have existed in the first place, but we are expecting no issues. 

Next up, a transition plan will be put into place and we are hoping by late this week to go meet the little guy and start moving him into his forever home over the next couple of weeks!!!

So you know there’s that. Whateves. No big deal. HA!

Also, this has been happening:

Cooked my first Turkey!
The cats have been extra cute and extra cuddly since it got chilly out.
I took this as a sign to start making a scarf


Had an epic (5 hours counts as epic right?) board game night with some friends 
and an impromptu date night with my love.

 We went for a walk/hike one day…and then this happened

 I found The Jackpot. Plus we bought a few wee things for the little guy. 
You may sense a theme in his items.

 I baked banana bread today and have been slowly figuring out my dehydrator. 
You’d think it would be simpler….

I’ve also been working away on my two quilts. Perhaps I will even come close to finishing one tomorrow if I…ahem…cough…cough…stay home from work tomorrow:) Got to stay busy somehow to keep away the crazy waiting!


Lazy town

 It’s been a quiet week. 
Back to the school routine, back to cold nights and sunny days. Back to baking….

Raspberry chocolate chip banana bread…sometimes fall ain’t so bad after all:)

I bought a bike! We all have one now and it is our attempt at leaving the house and getting some exercise. It on my second ride yesterday it became quite apparent that I am terribly out of shape…which I knew…but I didn’t know how bad it was. The only thing that save me from being completely pathetic was that I refused to ride on the lowest gear so I could save a smidge of dignity…

 Gord and I took a road trip to Bassano one evening to take some photos for his website for his book…more on that later…but I will say my love for the prairies bloomed even more AND my day was made when I ate dinner across from a REAL cowboy. Not somebody who wears a cowboy goes to Stampede and thinks they are a cowboy,  but a REAL cowboy with a leathery face and who walks bowlegged…I would have chatted with him except I think Gord was a little embarrassed.

 This happened….Grade freakin’ 5
The great quilt progress. It’s half way done and looking great.  The backing and binding hunt is on! 
Cat photo of the week:)

Same Same

Nothing much has changed since last week.

More waiting. More small projects (ie. operation goodbye crack tub). More reading and enjoying the sunshine.

And I’m looking for a tutor to learn Spanish. It’s on the bucket list and needs to be checked off before we go to South America again. That probably won’t happen for at least 3 years or so, and so I figure that’s enough time to get a hold on a language;)

 And also this:

 If at first you don’t succeed….it’s definitely worth a second shot. Particularly if the thing you didn’t succeed at was delicious. They are mini but delightful (and don’t small things always taste better?)
 The beautiful grey quilt from the heap on the floor is in the process of being bound. It is looking like it will be on our bed by August, just in time for some late summer snow fall. I’m kidding. Sort of. 
A night out at the Thee-a-tar…

Anthony had his performance the other night for his theater camp. He loves acting, and he’s pretty good at it. And for the first time he was into getting a bit of a costume together. I was all over it. Even though it only consisted of turning a tie into a bow tie and buying a button down shirt and making it into short sleeves (he was a candy man – not in this picture though. here he was a gingerbread man. it’s all very confusing) you bet it was one helluva bow and spectacular sewing job on those skinny sleeves. Loved it.

Afterwards, Gord and I went for a late night ice cream run (it looks like the middle of the day, but this is about 9:30 pm). I have heard about Village Ice Cream and I will be a repeat offender. Salted Caramel, uh yeah. Toasted Coconut – yes please.

 The garden hath explodeth. I’m not sure how much salad one can consume but I’m about to find out.

 The sun room in the warm summer evenings is my favorite place to be. Sigh….

And today was zucchini madness. I haven’t baked in a while and who cares that it’s 25 degrees out? I certainly did not. Now that the kitchen is 97 degrees, I do actually care a little….

And the time has come to deal with the crack tub. I’ve bought enough chemicals to kill a small preschool and I’m hoping I don’t burn off my skin in the process.

Off to find something to make for dinner that doesn’t require me being in the kitchen…maybe we’ll just gnaw on lettuce!


Superheros and Sugar

Last weekend the boys spent the WHOLE weekend at Calgary Comic Convention. I think they had fun….

I spent the whole weekend in the garden of which there are no photos because it looks like I hardly made a dent! Although, each year it seems we are making a small, and I mean a s.m.a.l.l., bit of progress with cleaning out a little section of weed/junk/overgrown disaster at a time and trying to purdy things up a bit. We are now on a garden plan. It’s a multi-step program.

When I haven’t been gardening I’ve been baking! Anthony and I make chocolate chili cookies (hands down best cookies ever!) a couple weeks ago and this weekend I made a chocolate cake with homemade coconut buttercream icing with toasted coconut on top to share with friends for a game night.

And a quick adoption update:
Our police checks and welfare checks are in so now our worker can put our names forward for our home study! There is no wait list for the home studies at this point and they take about 2 months to complete. After that we are matched with a kiddo and we were told we would be matched fast. Wowzer! Won’t be long now! AHHHHHH!


Easter, and then some

 The last week, or so, in pictures…

Bought a blender, made a smoothie (more like 8). Yum. Baked a 
chocolate doughnut cake for ma-in-laws early Birthday. Also Yum. 

A trip to Medicine Hat for Easter and Anthony got (among many things from his very spoiling 
Grandparents:) a football. Multiple games of Monkey in the Middle have been had. 
(I’m enjoying all his lifesavers, thanks Debbie and Marvin!)
While Grandpa took Anthony fishing, Gord took me to visit baby chicks and bunnies.
Apparently no grown ups are interestedin petting baby animals. Just me.
Reason #34 to obtain a small child of our own.  Cause it was a bit akward…

 In my last post, I talked about how I get excited when we are driving on the prairies and I get to see a train (or on this trip TWO!) but because you are on the prairies, you get to see the whole train at once. All 92 box cars (yes I even count them). I find it very satisfying and think that that it really fulfills the prairie experience. That, and seeing power lines end, 10 year boys shooting pellet guns with their Grandpa and cows in a field up against the local Walmart very much amuse me and make me smile. (Side story: In the fall we were driving to Drumheller and out of the corner of my eye at the side of the road, I caught a glimpse of a deer, however, because I’m so Albertan now, without thinking I shouted “Hey a buck!”, because it had horns of course. A few years ago, I never would have known that. Or thought that 10 year olds should be shooting pellet guns. But here I am, I think I am officially a prairie girl.)

 Seriously, could she get any cuter? (the answer, in case you were wondering is no. No she cannot)

                                                 Hanging out, lazy Sunday-ing it.

And today, Anthony and I made Chocolate Chili Cookies. You can find the recipe here, and you won’t be disappointed. We didn’t put the currents in and they were still yummy. If you make it with the currents let me know how they turn out. (Also, if you scoop 2 tbsp of the dough – it’s very wet, it’s suppose to be, you will get very large cookies and only about a dozen)