Summer Update

School is done, Jonathan’s first (but really seventh) ‘real’ birthday party was a smashing success, the weather got H.O.T. (at least for a couple of weeks) and new routines (including Gord working nights and Saturdays for the first time ever. Hello big change) have been settled into.

We are wrapping up our second week of summer camp (it’s a camp for kids with special needs and today when I picked Jonathan up today a counselor told me “Out of all the campers I’ve ever seen here, I’ve never seen one that has as much energy as Jonathan.” ….as he ran full tilt past us, after a day of rock climbing and swimming, pulling a grown up in a wagon while making fire truck noises. Yep, that’s my boy!) Needless to say he is loving camp.

Next week Jonathan and I are off to Vancouver to visit my sister and her family as well as some friends and Anthony is off to Edmonton to stay with his Uncle for a week. I guess Gord gets a quiet house for a week!

It has been busy and chaotic and full of change but everyone is happy and enjoying summer:)



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