Rock and Roll

Current things I’m loving about Jonathan:

On the swing going really high he says “mummy my tummy is laughing!”

The way he’s learning to fill other people’s buckets. Genuinely wanting and trying to fill them.

We have a thing: The ASL sign for “forever” is close to the “rock and roll” hand. My brain got all mixed  up one night so now instead of saying/signing “I love you (or you stay here) FOREVER!!!” (something we say often) we say/sign “I love you FOREVER….rock and roll!” A little hair shakin’ also helps get the effect.

How proud and excited he is to tell me when I pick him up after school that he’s had a ‘green’ day (green is the best kind of day).

How he likes to sit and watch movies now and can usually watch a whole one if he can wiggle about a bit and chew something.

How he’s generally a pretty darn helpful and happy guy when it comes to everyday tasks.

He writes all the words he know all the time. All 6 of them. And he’s so proud of himself. (And he has 15 sight words he now knows! I love watching him learn to read, there is something magically about it).

When it’s just the two of us at the table eating he automatically starts signing and talks way less. It’s another one of our things.

How he finds words everywhere and if he knows the words he gets really excited

When I tell him “stop growing!” and he tells me he has to grow up so he can go meet Paw Patrol.

That at school another student was upset and he sat with her and rubbed her back telling her it was ok and showed real and true empathy for no other reason except it was a nice thing to do FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER!!

How he always wants to help and learn, learn learn learn…he recently learned how to clean a toilet and make a sandwich and crack eggs like a pro. Not too shabby for 6!

How he loves the kitties as much as I do.

How he told me he wanted to try by himself to wash up in the shower and he was so proud when he did it and I told him he did great.

How when I cleaned out his room yesterday and gave him some choices (and some not) of what to keep he was almost ok with it and let some things go (victory!!!).

That he was as excited as I was that he now has TWO new babysitters:)


2 thoughts on “Rock and Roll

  1. What a magic post. Such a pick me up on a Monday morning. How lovely with a torch light on all that is going well and is so full of life. I am delighted to hear that have improved so much for you all. Babysitters!! That’s a great measure in this house for the state of things.
    This is all, I am sure, in no small measure a true testimony to what you have all put into it. Stuff of love and the messy thing called life.
    I will now go to find out what the ASL for forever and RnR is. Thank you!

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