100 Seconds

We knocked on the blue door not knowing what to expect, only knowing that we were nervous and excited and the journey was ending and beginning all at the same time.

The door opened and there was the cutest little boy you ever did see and his foster mom to greet us.

Immediately in the front hall she flipped to a photo of Gord (in the album we had given her the week before to start prepping him about us), and pointed at the photo and then to Gord and said “who’s that?” I think she prompted him ‘Daddy’ and he repeated it, but I honestly can’t remember exactly because I knew what was coming next.

Flip to another page, point at the photo. Point to me. “Who’s that?”

He looked at me.

“Muh-me” he said

I had waited so long.


***Congratulations to The Adoption Social on your 100th Weekly Adoption Shout Out! I was so lucky to find you at the start of this crazy journey called adoption and I can never thank you enough for creating such a supportive and comforting space to share this amazing experience with.


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