A Saying “Yes” Update

Two months since I posted last! Wowza. Oi, saying yes takes up a lot of time.

Here’s the quick lowdown update: Jonathan is still doing crazy good at school. He has his moments and still requires 1:1 support for most of the day, but the growth and progress both academically and behaviour wise are pinch-me-I’m-dreaming good. Anthony is also kicking ass and taking names. In the school department that is. He’s at the top of his class for a few subjects! He’s also been taking improve classes, listening to terrible music, and overall being a pretty great (ahhhh) teenager.

We’ve been loosing our noodles with busyness – drama classes, recreation classes, loosing are after school care, finding after school care, working late, working out, being social (this is new people and man, it takes up a lot of time) and now Christmas prep for visitors – hey there Dad and Nana!!! and baking and presents are starting to appear.

Between it all, I’ve been saying yes. Yes to hard things. Yes to challenging things. Yes to vulnerable things.

I just completed my first four half-day training at my work (with a co-worker) orienting new staff to our agency, philosophies, and service delivery. I also completed a morning of training staff on disability as part of a diversity morning with some other co-workers.


I use to throw up and not sleep for a week before I had to train First Aid a couple of years ago. I am so proud of myself of facing my fears and saying yes. Seriously, you should try it!

I’ve also been writing a few articles, one pretty personal, through my job again and was published! Because it was attached to my work and it was personal, it was a bit of a leap of faith but I did it and word is slowly getting out around the office about it and guess what? The world has not yet imploded. It’s a freakin’ miracle. I will post it here in the next little bit.

It seems like so many things are attached to my work and that’s because my life and work meld together so much, sometimes to great benefit and sometimes it’s a bit tricky to separate them. To balance it all out I’ve been trying to exercise and meditate, rather learn to meditate – something I’ve always been interested it. I think when you are slightly high-strung, adopt, work in social work and take anxiety medication, meditation should be like breathing. Just do it.

I wish I could write more and write more eloquently, but here we are; a little rusty but perhaps back in the writing game.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend:)

What will you say yes to this week….?






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