Everybody Needs a Tracy

The past few weeks have been full of family vacationing and fun and back to school. I wish I had more time to write about it all, but as we adjust to new routines, very busy work schedules and many other happenings, alas some things have to give.

But, I wanted to share this.

It took Jonathan 8ish months to work up to a full morning of kindergarten last year (we started with 1 hour and worked our way up to 2.5 hours in 15 minute increments every few months. We are talking. seriously. slow. transitioning. time. needed). This year, two weeks into grade one, and he’s been attending full days since the start! This has no doubt to do with some familiarity he now has with the school and some maturity, but most it has to do with one particular amazing lady. His aide Tracy.

Tracy became Jonathan’s aide about 2 months into kindergarten and right away she made a difference to his ability to join in with some class activities with other kids, his speech, his sense of safety, his listening to his teacher and not running out of the classroom every 30 seconds. Basically, she is fan-freakin-tastic.

She spent her summer emailing the school back and forth advocating for him to be in a particular class that she felt was a better fit for him (when the school was trying to move him to a different class…unknown to us). She offered to stay with him at recess and lunch break so he would have support on the playground (he needs pretty much constant adult supervision but doesn’t have it) and put a plan together an entire plan to help him transition to Grade 1. And the school accepted it. Fan-freakin-tastic.

Even though Jonathan is going full days now, they aren’t always easy. And today was an extra hard day with a major meltdown that involved screaming at the teacher, pushing and kicking desks and slapping Tracy across the face and scratching her. Kaboom.

There was a two page explanation in his book stating what happened and how he reacted and what she did etc. What did she do? She got his kindergarten teacher (who was teaching a class at the time) because “she is someone he trusts” to come and be with him after he curled into a ball of remorse and refused to talk to anyone. Then they went back to her kindergarten room to hang out for a while to chill out in a familiar setting.

At this point my heart is pretty  much about to burst with how they handled the whole thing and then I read this:

“My main concern is making sure he is feeling happy and safe while he’s at school”


There was no phone call to me, no incident report, no nothing, except her concern over him and how he feels.

I love Tracy, and I love how she loves Jonathan. I wish all kids had a Tracy in their corner.





15 thoughts on “Everybody Needs a Tracy

  1. Now these are the moments when you need a ‘multiple like’ button so that the reader (ok me) can hit it several times. In the early days Beeswax’s original TA was very much like your Tracy and it was such a relief when we knew that no matter what happened in the day, her first priority was caring for his needs and demonstration acceptance. Well done to you all.

  2. Can I have a Tracy for my youngest please, she sounds amazing. So pleased for you because knowing your child is safe and happy in school allows you to have a life. Bit envious actually. Thanks for sharing on #WASO xx

    • I really wish I could clone her! It’s exactly what he, and all of our kids need – somebody who doesn’t punish but listens and understands and accepts (but at the same time she’ s a tough cookie and sets great boundaries with him). Thanks for reading:)

  3. So wonderful to read about how well the transition is going. What an amazing lady this Tracy is (although so are you).

    Can I have a Tracy for me please?

  4. I’m so happy to hear that J-man’s first week of grade 1 went well! You were so worried about how he’d do and how you’d manage. I hope this has and will continue into the coming weeks. Now, my friend, you need to come by for a tea date!

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