Spring(?) Update

I haven’t been writing lately, and I’m missing it. There are many thoughts spiraling through my brain but due to lack of somethingorother and busyness I seem to always fail at sitting and sorting through them. Instead, a much easier thing to do is write a simple update.

Things have been up and down and sideways around here lately; Gord finished his masters and got a new job, I’ve been working a lot, Jonathan has been having extremely good days and extremely bad days, and Anthony, well, he has been evensteven slowandsteady; the only consistent and steady one in this house as of late! Thank goodness for Anthony’s.

The weather had been terrible, we have yet to really get outside and do much except a quick tidy, pulled out the patio furniture, sans cushions, and as we speak it’s snowing. Again. And is supposed to continue all weekend.

Jonathan’s first trial of meds didn’t do go great. He seemed agitated and more aggressive while taking it. Although he could focus a bit better, he wasn’t as happy and we didn’t like it.  When the trial was finished the doctor increased the dosage (by having the nurse call us with a new prescription) and we disagreed. We have yet to see or talk to the doctor as it’s next to impossible to get an appointment, and so his little body continues to run on overdrive

We are trying a new program – Zones of Regulation. It’s often used at work with many of the families I work with, but it was actually the school who mentioned it and I jumped right on board with them. I’m happy to see them trying to help him in more ways than just learning ABC’s.
Also, Jonathan recently started going to school for full mornings – only eight and half months behind the other kids but we made it there:) He seems to be coping just as well as he was with shorter days and we are excited he can be a part of the whole class now.

I don’t know what it is with May – last year my dad came to visit and meet Jonathan for the first time in May, Gord went away for school for two weeks in May and my Nana came to meet Jonathan for the first time – in May.
This May is also proving to be a bit of a nuthouse: Next week I am away for 3 days for work (to present at my first conference – yikes!) and then Gord is away for 2 days for work. The following week my bestest and oldest friend Christine is coming to visit from Australia and after a few short days with her I’m off again for 3 days for another work thingymabob. Then one of my great friends is due to have her 2nd baby at the end of the month. There’s also a slew of birthdays, school planning/transitioning to grade one meetings, and I’m sure many other things that are escaping my overloaded brain at the moment.

Nuts, I tell you, nuts.

I’m off to Google how to cook a duck, as there is a frozen one defrosting in my fridge right now. Because May is kinda crazy like that.



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