This video on what it’s like to be in foster care as seen from a child’s perspective is making its way around social media. I waited a while before watching, but I’m glad I did.

I think it’s very well done and worth the share. For any foster parents, please let me know your thoughts; is it an accurate capture? does it simply explain the complexities of history?

As an adopter, and not a foster carer, I could see Jonathan easily in this video so I’m curious what all your thoughts are.

You can watch it on Vimeo here.
Or on YouTube here



5 thoughts on “Removed

  1. Very powerful. I thought the incident with the dress was very well done – so true to life – and also the little details with her belongings in the plastic bag and the doll. As a foster carer I feel a bit sensitive that it seemed to show that her foster carers also abused her – shame to add to that stereotype of abusive carers, although I know it must happen.

  2. I’ve been sharing this too. I sobbed my heart out watching it. The ages of the children really made me think of Katie and Pip. I think all adopters should see this and will be sharing it with our SW.

    • Good idea to share it among SW too. Needs to be incorporated into more training. Here, attachment and the effects of abuse and neglect was not talked about nearly enough.

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