My Word, My Year

I’m not a New year resolution sort of gal, I don’t think I’ve ever made one. But this year when the new year started approaching giving me a natural time to reflect and think about the past crazy/amazing/hard/wonderful/terrible/challenging/loving year, it also made me think about what this coming year could hold.

Because surviving our first year of adoption was an accomplishment in itself, that seemed to be a pretty lofty stand alone kinda goal to ride out last year. 

But this year I wanted to create some focus. Some guidelines and rules to follow so that I could fall back on them when things started to get off track. For when I got distracted with anxiety, doubts, and fears. For when I got caught up in my head about dishes being left about or too much laundry to finish or other small picture, important in the moment but not in the big picture sort of things.

I wanted a theme to guide me this year. To make me more conscious of how I live every day, what I want to teach my kids beyond ABC’s and how to chop a pepper. Those bigger, more important life lessons. Those mantras that get ingrained in us and become that little voice that whispers ‘go for it’ or ‘you can do it’ and ‘yes! good choice!’ 

There was a real process to my final mantra and I won’t bore you with the details, but I find that it really crosses between work and ‘real’ life but I believe is relevant to both. And after reading about and hearing people doing similar things but with one word to guide their year I also decided that I needed one of those.

My word: Challenge
My mantra: Be more vulnerable than ever before. Be more compassionate than ever before. Be more challenged than ever before. Be more courageous than ever before.

And since I put it all out there, now I suppose I should do something with it…


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