I have much more insight and eloquent words forming in my head for all biggness of what this Christmas really meant…including lessons learned and feelings had, the beginning of a new year and the excitement, the revitalization, the goals (not resolutions, just goals. Including writing more meaningfully, more honestly, more deeply) that it all brings…

Oh wait there’s more.

Thoughts around being with my family for Christmas for the first time in years, having Jonathan really ‘get it’ this year (his second with us), writing my first letter to his birth parents through our post adoption registry, weening myself off my anxiety medication…there is no shortage of things to write about and reflect on, but, as with all breaks it sometimes take a bit to get back into the swing of things.

I’ve had three weeks of no writing. Three weeks of thoughts forming and jumbling around in my head and I’m afraid if I open the flood gates that too much will come out and it will all be mixed up and dizzingly confusing. To you and me both.

So, I’m going to ease back into my escape of writing like a Sunday morning; nice and slow.

In the mean time, here’s a few highlights of our wee holiday.

20131224_115123 220131224_114930 2  20131224_142703 2
Me and my sister took these two monkey’s to Banff for Christmas Eve. We ‘skated’ and explored The Banff Spring Hotel (they were very impressed I use to work at the Castle), gave them their first Irish Pub experience and they danced and wooed the staff with their cuteness and of course went to the candy store for some treats!

20131224_185648 2Christmas Eve and new pajama tradition…except the preteen/awkward-clothing-age-can’t find-any-to-fit-him-to-save-my-life didn’t fit in his:( Also, I bribed him to be in this picture, can you tell?!

20131225_070214 2
I snapped a bunch of photos without looking at them on Christmas morning (it was after all 6 freakin’ 30) and later found this wee gem! It’s his ‘I luff it!’ face. Over gum. In his stocking. After the nail polish he found next it may have been his favourite thing he got all Christmas.


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