A Guest Post: 3 Pink Diamonds

This week I’m posting a special Secret Santa blog exchange guest post from a busy adoptive mom of THREE girls. The Secret Santa exchange was organized from the lovely people at The Adoption Social.  Please check out the Adoption Social for other great adoption support, blogs and information and stop by Three Pink Diamonds after reading about what a special Christmas they are having this year to find out some other exciting news happening in their family.

Thanks for stopping by!

This time last year we were preparing to go to panel to become approved adopters. As we put up our Christmas decorations my husband and I said to each other ‘this time next year we will hopefully be parents’. I can recall opening my presents on Christmas morning with a tear in my eye as I thought about the kids opening their presents with their foster carer and the desire was strong to bring them home.

Then on the 1st December this year we put on the Christmas songs, danced around and put up the beautiful Christmas tree and lights. I couldn’t help it, the tears streamed down my cheeks. I was so grateful, the children were where they belonged, we are a family and our first family Christmas had truly started.

As this will be our first family Christmas we wish to lay down some traditions. It will begin with opening the stockings, then all going downstairs to open the presents Santa has left under the tree. Next, we have promised the kids that they can eat chocolate for breakfast, followed by a festive walk. Grandparents are due round in the afternoon and we will share a big meal. Then we will open more presents and probably eat more food!

I would love to bake Christmas biscuits, have festive jingles playing in the background, carry out Christmas activities with the kids, visit Santa and pat some reindeer. Whether this will all unfold will remain to be seen.

I’m sure whatever happens we will have a lovely, and hopefully magical, Christmas. Although I have prepared myself that nothing is perfect and kids will be kids regardless of whether it’s the 25th of December or not!

I hope your Christmas is just as fun and magical as I am hoping ours will be.

Happy Christmas everyone!!


One thought on “A Guest Post: 3 Pink Diamonds

  1. I can honestly say you’ve warmed the cockles of my heart.
    I hope all your traditions, planned and unplanned, continue for many years with your children and, eventually, grandchildren.
    Blessings upon you and yours.

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