Smile and Repeat

Some days I think I will literally loose my mind if I have to have this conversation one. more. time.

Anybody else relate?

Jonathan: “I LUFF (love) you mummy!”
Me: “I love you too Johnny”
Jonathan: “Mummy? Jontan run away! You find me?”
Me: “Yes I would come find you”
Jonathan: “You find me?!”
Me: “Yes I would come find you”
Jonathan: “You say ‘Jontan! Where are you?! Jontan I miss you?!”
Me: “Yeah, of course I would miss you”
Jonathan: “Mummy you miss me?
Me: “Yes, I would miss you”
Jonathan: “Why mummy?”
Me: “Because I love you”
Jonathan: “You luff me mummy?!”
Me: “Yes I love you Jonathan”
Jonathan: “Aww, I luff you too mummy”

Wait 5 minutes. Repeat…

Wait 5 minutes. Repeat…

Wait 5 minutes. Repeat…

You get the idea. I know you do because I can’t be the only one who this happens to. Right? Please tell me I’m not alone!

The scenarios change; sometimes he runs away, sometimes he gets locked in a tower or goes to the wrong school, or goes to visit an old foster parent…but the story is always the same.

Some days are worse than others but HOLY MOTHER OF PATIENCE!

This is it right? This is where I get my therapeutic parenting medal of the year – for not loosing my sh*t, not once, when we have to play out this conversation 27 times a day?

For always following through with this obviously insecure search for security?

For every. single. time. answering “I love you too” so he knows I’m still paying attention and know he’s there even though we are in the same room together and it’s so obvious that I can’t forget about him even if I tried…really, really tried hard? Because he never, ever, stops talking.

Do I still get the medal even though I want to sometimes scream “please for the love of all things good just stop talking for 5 minutes!”?

Breath in, breath out.

Alright, glad I got that off my chest. Moving on!


Despite the insanity driving some days, man alive is he ever cute;)
(If you can’t make out the picture it’s us playing airplane)


2 thoughts on “Smile and Repeat

  1. Oh bless him!

    And yes I can relate, not necessarily with a conversation along those lines, but repeated questions and incessant chatter, yes, I can defiantly relate to those relentless conversations that continue until blood physically pours from your ears lol

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