Memory Box; One Year

November 9th marked one year since Jonathan officially moved in with us.
Looking back through pictures I found this one: A gift from my sister.


In finding this picture I was reminded of the amazing support and encouragement from friends and family (online too!) that we received throughout the adoption process and also how excited and happy everyone was when we met Jonathan and he was placed with us.

It was so nice this past couple of weeks to reflect on how far we’ve come as a family, and how far he has come in settling in and  how much he is learning and growing (man alive is he ever growing!). And also, to see how his little spirit shines through more and more each day.

This picture is the first I have of him and I. It was taken during the first few days he was with us as we hung about the house getting to know each other.  20121111_162222

BAHA! He looks so little here!

Happy memory making y’all:)

If you would like to read more happy memories, check out The Adoption Social’s Memory Box link up here.


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