Kitty Brown; Back in Action


One night this past week, I put Jonathan to bed as usual: Sometimes the cats wander in and out while we read a story, or they curl up on the floor waiting for me to exit after we sing some songs.

This one particular night, Kitty Brown had hunkered down on the floor and as I went to leave she didn’t dart out with me. I gave her a little nudge with my foot and she didn’t budge. Fair enough, she wanted to stay. So I closed the door. This has never happened before. A few hours later, she was still there, right where I had left her, and I had to pick her up to get her out so she wouldn’t be trapped all night.

At 5 am Jonathan called out. He had been sick all over his bed. We spent the day napping and watching cartoons, I’ve never seen him so quiet and slow moving.

That night, Kitty Brown crawled into bed with Jonathan. After much “Kitty Brown luff (love) me?” reassurance while petting her and tickling her whiskers, she curled up at the foot of the bed and would not leave. Again.

This cat is the sweetest thing. I swear she knew something was up even before we did. Even before Jonathan did.

Now she’s back to her usual routine of wandering in his bedroom and waiting for me until we leave together and she’s happy to curl up in her little saucepan on her cat tree as Jonathan is back to himself.

Oh Kitty Brown, how I luff you too.



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