Sometimes I dream about us in the future packing up and moving far away for a new adventure, it’s a dream but we have said that we will one day do just that. I dream about spending more time in the mountains, winning the lottery, living close to family, what I would sew if I had the time and lots of other big picture, generalized life stuff.

But what the future holds in the details; what it looks like for me, for us as a family and particularly for Jonathan, I can’t even begin to imagine.

I can’t even make it past thinking about our big school meeting in a few days, or wondering if he’ll listen tomorrow.

Whatever the future holds for Jonathan I wish for 3 things for him (ok, it’s more like 7 but 3 sounds better)

That he is happy and healthy
That he is kind, that he helps others and is empathetic
That he comes to a place of understanding where he comes from and accepts who he is

We know that kids like Jonathan have a harder shot at become ideal citizens, top students, business leaders, and all the other idealistic things that one can hope of achieving.

But I’ve always believed in the underdog.


Baby, you’re a firework, go on let your colours burst…


*This post is part of the Weekly Adoption Shout Out and follows this weeks theme “The Future” over at The Adoption Social. Please check out this amazingly supportive adoption community, and also read some other great adoption blogs.


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