It finally happened.

Last Thursday we got word that our adoption had been granted! (Technically it was August 17th but, whatever, details, details).

We explained to Jonathan that we would get a special letter in the mail saying that he can stay with mommy and daddy forever. The next day, home sick from school, I made a big deal of going to the post office to get the letter. Whether he really understood I don’t know, but he did start chatting away in the car about ‘letter, mummy, daddy, Tony FOREVEEEER!!!!’


He did grasp on that I was talkin’ ’bout some serious piece of paper because all afternoon, while we waited for dad to come home before we opened it, he kept track of his letter; drawing on the outside of the envelope, checking in with me if it was time to open it and if it was out of sight he would ask me where it was.

Gord brought home cake and we made a big deal about each taking a turn to cut the cake as a family and ‘read’ the letter. The official notice now has chocolate cake smeared on it, which I think is just about as perfect as it could get;)




23 thoughts on “Forever

  1. Congratulations!! What a moving story. We’ve been waiting to match with a birth mother for about a year and a half, and it’s been quite a roller coaster! But hearing stories like yours helps me keep the faith that the right child will find his or her way into our lives. Best of luck to you on your parenting journey.

  2. Congratulations!!! What a special day for you guys! I agree with you and think the chocolate cake is just perfect on the letter!!!

  3. Congratulations to you all! I love that the paperwork has chocolate cake smeared on it 😉

    Thanks for sharing this great moment with the Weekly Adoption Shout Out x

      • I remember that feeling well. We walked out of the courtroom with certificate in hand, and it was kind of a ‘well, what now’ moment. We went for celebratory cake, but it was weird.

  4. I always remember the day I got adoted even though I was young. My brother hid a inflatable bugs bunny and I said’ Are you my real Mummy and Daddy now!

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