The Village

From day one, Gord’s family and my own have been very supportive in out decision to adopt. Our friends and colleagues were also excited and everybody asked lots of questions and gave us lots of love.

Over the past 11 months, I don’t think we would have survived without the support from these same family and friends. There were days when we felt, and still do, very alone. You know, those really tough hard days that feel like things will be terrible forever? But often there is my sister, a friend, a coworker…a stranger (I tend to chat with cashiers a lot) willing (or at least nodding along and letting me blab) to listen, offer suggestions and, at the least, to empathize and encourage.

A couple of weeks ago Jonathan spent the night with his last foster mom, Monique. Or as Jonathan calls her “my Moni”. She’s an amazing lady. She hadn’t seen him for while and remarked on how full of love he was and that we are doing such a good job with him. I told her that in no way have we done this alone; it started with her and it was every teacher, therapist, friend, family member, daycare staff and any one else who has every hugged him, showed him they care and loved him unconditionally. She remarked back “the village!” and I thought that was a truly fitting description.

To everyone in our Village, thank you for your support.


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