First And Fifth

This post is part of The Adoption Social’s #WASO…and also a good opportunity to play catch up with the goings on around here!

Last month we celebrated Jonathan’s first birthday with us, but really his fifth.

I know there is a lot of emotion that can come with adoption and birthdays, but frankly I think I was too busy and too excited to stop and think about it. Or perhaps Mothers day the month before and the floods in our city the couple weeks before had exhausted my emotional pool and I just didn’t have any left. Whatever the reason, I didn’t let myself go to that messy sad emotional place. Not this year any way.

As for Jonathan, well he’s too young and doesn’t have the language just yet to understand the birth mom concept and all the questions and feelings that this birthday thing may bring him one day. Right now all he understands is that mommy and daddy chose him to be their boy and he’s adopted. He knows he is stuck with us, he doesn’t have to move houses again and we won’t throw him out (his words, not mine). Over the next year or so we will continue to share what we can with him about where he came from but for now he seems content knowing he lives here and ain’t leaving.

So, celebrate we did!

It was his first freakin’ birthday with us! Balloons, streamers, presents, cake…EEEEKKKK! I must admit I had a lot of fun shopping and wrapping his presents. And seeing him open them all and squeal over a few was well worth it.

Besides maybe over spending a wee bit, we kept things simple, just the four of us. In Cummings tradition we decorated around the table a little bit and Jonathan got to pick what he wanted for dinner (hotdogs on the campfire) and what kind of cake (chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting). After dinner we opened presents (it looked like Christmas in our house!) and he played for a while with his new toys.

A few days later on the weekend we had just a couple of close friends over and celebrated again. He’s definitely got the cake/candles/singing thing down to a science. In the week or so that followed, every cake and cupcake was a happy birthday cake and everywhere we went and saw a gift bag he asked if it was for his birthday. It was pretty cute.

I’d say our first/fifth birthday was a great success and I can’t wait to celebrate more firsts with this guy.

Happy long weekend everybody!


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