Memory Box: Cousins

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On our recent trip to Ontario I got to spend a whole day with just Jonathan and my niece Reese who is a month older than Jonathan. We happen to be camping and in a beautiful provincial park called Awenda.

We went for a walk, an hour and a half walk! And about 20 minutes in they started holding hands and running together and giggling like they had known each other for 5 years instead of less than 24 hours. Sometimes they would break off, but for the better part of an hour they kept coming back to each other and grabbing hands.

It was one of the quieter, sweeter, more tender moments I’ve witnessed with Jonathan.



5 thoughts on “Memory Box: Cousins

    • Awww! There were a few moment where he was actually playing and interacting and I’ve never seen that before and I got a little teary too! Thanks for reading!

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