Phase One: Complete

It feels like it has been non stop since May 1st. Oh right, that’s because it has been!

My dad came for a visit, we had a friend of my sister who was in town stay for a week, Gord was away for two week and that wrapped up May.

In June, Nana came for two weeks, the boys finished school, we had the flood, Jonathan’s birthday, two trips to Medicine Hat and then suddenly it was July.

Now, we are 48 hours home from a 10 day whirl wind of visiting family and friends in Ontario including a 4 day camping trip with my sister and her family. 

I. am. pooped.

In two days we begin P2, or Phase 2 of the insane-in-the-membrane Cummings house of change: I return to work after nine months away and Jonathan starts his new day care and 7 days later Gord starts his new job.

Hmm…I wonder what else we could fit in?!

Over all it’s been fantastic couple of months. Busy is good. I like busy. And overall it’s been great to see Jonathan handling things, I hope and assume, fairly well because he feels secure and safe and happy. Since we’ve been home too from our trip, he’s been generally settled – no major out of the ordinary things minus a few blips here and there. He also started asking to coming home a few days before we did and asking about Gord…I take that very positively!

So, Ontario round up – here it comes!

He had his moments on our trip but I was impressed with his behaviour. It was easy sometimes and hard others, but that’s how it is at home too. It was easy to be around family and see him interacting with his cousin, which were amazing with him. It seemed like they’ve been hanging out forever. Seeing him interact with them, and them with him, gave me more faith that day care and kindergarten may be a tad easier than thought. I’ve also never seen him around other kids his age and as my niece and him are a month apart it was a great gauge to lots of different things and it was really neat watching the two of them. 

With all three of them (my nephew is 2.5 years older) it was sweet to watch how language didn’t matter. They understood each other just fine through play and limited speech and some basic signs. Aiden was a big help while we were swimming in the lakes because Jonathan has to take his ears off. Aiden would give Jonathan a little splash to get his attention to turn and look at me on the beach to sign and eventually Aiden started telling him things too (‘stop’ ‘no’ ‘come’). Very fun to watch it all unfold. 

I also gained more trust in him. I would let him go out of my sight a bit longer than usual knowing he was with other kids without me checking on him. When I did, there he was just doing his thing, sharing his stuff, playing happy with his cousins.

And, although a wee difficult to contain a very active and jumpy kid who doesn’t care much for tv or video games, it was very fun to take him on the plane and explain what was happening and see his excitement in it all. When he sees planes overhead now, he starts talking about it all over again.

I could write more, or be more insightful but my brain is overloaded. So, here are some pictures of the highlights.

1011079_10151710813028249_1697362247_n(my phone imploded an hour after we arrived…I lost the photo of him smiling at me while doing this:(  and a few others (his birthday!)…sigh)

We took the kids for a walk on the beach the first night camping…they all ended up swimming in their underwear. It was perfect and fun.

Me and sister

Making mud pies

IMG_20130705_141158The bottom was very rocky here and Jonathan called Aiden over for the assist:)

2013-07-07 17.23.38
A lot of icecream was consumed…by all!

Walk through the marsh

First canoe ride with Papa. He wasn’t terribly impressed. I think it didn’t move fast enough for him!

20130710_140723Strawberry pickin’…well he picked a few, ate a few and mostly ran up and down the rows:)

20130711_174015The flight home. You know you had a good time when you fall asleep sitting up on the floor of a plane.

There it is! Our spring/summer adventures complete! Time to organize myself and write more lists than I have before! We’ll keep you posted on the new day care situation and other adventures soon:)


6 thoughts on “Phase One: Complete

    • Thanks Amanda! But don’t think that all is sunshine and lollipops – I just don’t take pictures of him in timeouts, screaming, me hiding in the bathroom…! We definitely have hard moments/days, fairly regularly actually;) I am glad that you see it as hopeful and heartwarming through, what a lovely compliment, thank you!

  1. wow that is a lot, you deserve a break! oh wait maybe work will let you slow down a bit! ha! congrats to gord and the new job! look forward to talking to you and hearing all about work, holidays and catching up soon.

    • Work was a break for a couple days as I eased back in but now we are in full swing! Can’t wait to chat soon….our quilt is front and centre on my sewing mind!

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