I heart my city…and other stuff

Eleven days ago my city unexpectedly experienced a major disaster. If you follow me on Twitter you might have been wondering what all the commotion is about with my tweets, retweets and weird love for our Mayor…seriously, he’s an amazing leader. The whole city thinks so too;)941421_10151466900696463_1336807837_n

Over 100, 000 people from Calgary (population well over  one million) were evacuated from their houses because of flooding. We live far from the rivers and were gratefully not effected. Currently there are still 10 000 that cannot return home because their houses are now inhabitable. There is a town south of Calgary called High River, population 13 000. Every person was evacuated. Only half have houses to return to.

It has brought the city to a stand still in terms of function, but it has been absolutely amazing in regards to how the mayor, public figures, business and people have been helping each other out.

The city opened many emergency shelters and had to close some as they were empty. Why? So many friends and family and complete strangers welcomed others into their homes. A few days ago there was a call for volunteers, they were looking for 200 people and over 5 000 showed up. We bought some hot ticket items people needed, like diapers and blankets (our family was not in the flooded areas) and I put together a bunch of clothes to donate, but the problem was I could not find anyplace to take the clothes. Every organization that was taking donations, for our city and surrounding had so much that they simply did not have the capacity to take any more.

I am really proud of my city right now. I have been teary many times since it all started because I’m so grateful to live in such an amazing and giving place. Also, because when I explained to Jonathan why we are dropping off toys, or bread, or clothes (because the river went in the road and people don’t have homes is basically what he understands) he wants the boys and girls to come here and play with his toys. Man I love that kid, and this city.

We are well into clean up mode and will be for many months to come, but the city is strong, the people are strong.

Here’s a video that a radio station put together about the flood.


The other stuff…

Tomorrow Jonathan and I are going on a big adventure – we are flying to Ontario to visit with my dad, Papa, again. And also for Jonathan to meet my sister, Karen, and her kids! He doesn’t know it yet though, we’ve hinted that we will go one day but I know he wouldn’t sleep if I told him now, so I will basically surprise him 5 minutes before we leave for the airport. He’s been talking on Skype with them and on the phone and I think it’s going to be a complete gong show/love fest.

I can not wait to see my niece and nephew, Karen reports they have been brushing up on some sign language and we are going to have a pretty awesome visit with camping, hanging at the beach, canoeing, camp fires, drive in movies…

When we return to Calgary, I will have four days left before I return to work as my adoption leave has come to an end, and Jonathan will start at a new day care. It’s going to be a nutty few weeks around here and I although I hope to keep writing I don’t know if I will be able to.

So, if I’m not around in the next while you know why!

But you can follow along with our adventures on Twitter (@linscummings) or on Instagram (lindsayacummings)

Take care and we will catch up soon I hope!


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