What I love

I have read a few other blogs that have done this, and I really liked the idea of writing down some of the little things that I love and enjoy about Jonathan right now as a way to remember them amongst the chaos and harder days. So here goes…

Your crazy expressive signing and ability to pick up new signs
When you ask “You ok mommy?” when I cough, or hicup
When you want to be rocked at night and snuggle into my neck
Your big brown eyes and soft skin
Your amazing resiliency; why you are not angry at the world all the time is beyond me
The way you love the kitties. And all animals. Including bugs.
How you tell me ‘I’m groooowing up’ and you’re so proud of it
Your ability to remember something I told you weeks before, from mundane to important How we sign ‘I love you’ to each other and have to touch hands as we do it
When you sleep past 6:30!
When you really want something and say ‘yeah puh-lea?’ (please)
How you love so unconditionally and are accepting of everybody
How you squeal in excitement and run to me every day after preschool
How your bare feet pad along the floor in the morning making a great sound
Your need to know how everything works…you’re going places kid!
How you take other kids by the hand who need extra help and gently lead them in school

I love you little rocket and watching you learn and grow. So proud of you.




7 thoughts on “What I love

  1. Hello!
    I always love what you write, but just did post a comment here once or twice!
    Well, when reading this last post I remind that I wrote a letter to my son last month, on his 6yo birthday! It feels so good (for me so far) and I intend to give him on his 12th birthday! I haven´t done things like that when he was a baby, but right now it feels the right time! Maybe you should keep it not only for you read but to give to him some time in the future!

    • Thanks so much Camile for reading! I have thought about writing a letter to Jonathan but haven’t quite done that just yet:) And I’ve always assumed that anything I write here that either of the boys might read one day but I never thought of me giving it to them. I think though it’s a great idea, especially this one for Anthony:) Thanks so much!

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