Two Amazing Women

These two women have changed me.

I agree with them, I admire them and I aspire to live my life more like them. I started watching and following these two people a couple years back and I continue today…particularly on days when I need a little kick in the butt or a little inspiration.

They both just happen to have TED Talk videos. I hope you can get something out of these amazing people just like I have.

This first link is a video is by a lady Glennon Melton. She writes amazing essays on life, on helping each other and being kind, and all kinds of real things. She has mobilized thousands of people to help each other simply because we can. The video links to her website so you can read more when you are there.

The other two videos are by a woman Brene Brown. She is a researcher, a great speaker and I think kinda funny:) She speaks the truth, which is sometimes hard to hear. But I believe what she is saying is so important.



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