Crazy Good…mostly

Yes, we are having a slew of disruption with our visitors and comings and going, however I have just added to the madness. Knowingly and willingly, if not a bit hesitantly. So don’t let me complain about behaviour, disruption, or topics related;)

I booked a flight to Ontario for Jonathan and I in early July. We will spend 10 days split between my dad’s house (Papa) and my sister’s house (Karen). No doubt he will be introduced to extended family as well (my aunt and uncle and possibly cousin and her children). This could spell disaster in many ways, however, it may be fantastic. Plus my parental leave finishes July 15…uh huh that’s 4 days after we return home… so we decided to seize opportunity while we have it regardless of routine. I told you before, I’m a snowballer and here’s the proof!

Also, happening four days after our return, Jonathan will start his new daycare. Yep, that’s how we roll. We jump with both feet, no tip toeing or testing waters first. No moving slow or transitioning. Just. Go.

Well, I think he’s starting at a new daycare. I talked to this amazing lady on the phone who was very supportive when I explained J’s extra needs. She was fantastic and open and willing to work with us to make it happen. We go met her next week and I’m hoping that she doesn’t change her mind! Haha.

So much happening, so much goodness. I am really feeling very lucky these days:)


Also, here’s a bit of a catch up from the last couple weeks:

Meeting Papa at the airport, ice cream at the zoo, hangin’ with his new ambulance

IMG_20130510_18125420130511_184057  IMG_20130505_125335
Gardening with mama, water gun fights, sprinkler fun

IMG_20130514_191948 IMG_20130518_182643 20130507_121646At the theater (where I may have purchased Gord an original Star Wars poster signed by all the original cast in an auction – aka wife of the year award), hammering stuff, hide and seek at the park

And a quick update; all is not fine! Haha. Gord’s absences is having an effect on Jonathan (as well as a visit from Grandma was pretty difficult) but I see this as a positive thing – he obviously notices he’s missing, he’s asking about Dad and his behaviour is showing us he’s aware dad is gone. He, and Nana, come home one week today so we are both counting down the days!


4 thoughts on “Crazy Good…mostly

  1. Lovely post. Excited to hear that you are all coping with lots of new things and it has given you the confidence to books those flights. Really love the pictures too. Xx
    Thank you for being part of the Weekly Adoption Shout Out.

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