Go Big


I’m getting nervous. I’m afraid of the proverbial fan being hit by the…well, you know.

Change is a’comin’. And of the many, many, lessons we have learned about little Mr. Rocket we know change in routine and people is hard. And just when things were starting to turn around, this week anyway (it’s been soooo good!) But this is how we apparently do things, me and Gord. I think we have an unconscious ‘go big or go home’ theory about life.

Why take the easy road when there is twisty single lane road that plummets onto jagged cliffs? Have I ever mentioned that Gord is a full time masters student and working full time and he wrote and has self-published a book and is promoting it in the midst of all this adopting madness?! Yep we be driving on the twisty road.

Here’s why I’m getting anxious.

In a couple weeks, my dad is coming to visit from across the country and meet Johnathan for the first time. It will be 5 days of trying to simmer down an unregulated boy who gets hyped up if you look at him, let alone introduce a new person (read change in routine). During this time we also are checking out a possible school for kindergarten. Cause that’s how we roll.

Then, a few days after dad leaves, a friend of my sister is coming to stay for a week while she’s in town for work. Cause that’s how we roll.

The week after that, Gord is flying across the country (oddly enough to my dad’s neck of the woods) for a 10 day university course. And although I know many many amazing moms and dads do it alone each and everyday, I already have a pit in my stomach and can feel my patience oozing out the bottoms of my feet at the thought of handling each day on my own (have I mentioned we lost both our respite workers?). But, this is how we roll.

AND, when Gord arrives back home he’s not coming alone. Oh no, that would be too easy my bloggy friends. He is bringing my Nana. All 87 feisty years of her. For two weeks. Cause as I’m sure you’ve caught on by now, that’s just how we roll.

There’s also some more big changes after that; school ends, a new day care for 2 months as I complete my parental leave in July and then onto a new school for kindergarten and a new after school program.

Oh me oh my.

I suppose it isn’t so much the change in routine that throws him off; it’s when structure is absent – which inevitably happens with people coming and going, and when boundaries get shifty – which inevitably happens with people who don’t understand why we might be stopping him from doing something or why we are doing things a certain way.

What will happen? Who knows. How will we handle it? I have no idea. Will we make it out alive? I’m sure we will, we just might have to get a 4×4 to handle all those twists and turns.


4 thoughts on “Go Big

  1. I like how you roll…but boy it must keep you all busy? I cannot believe Gord works, studies, writes AND promotes!
    Big it is, but you’re aware of the difficulties you might face…so you’re halfway there. I hope it’s more peaceful than you expect.

    Thanks for linking up to the Weekly Adoption Shout Out x

    • Thanks Vicki, I honestly don’t know what it would be like to not be crazy! Haha. For the last week things have been sooooo good, I guess I’m afraid of tipping it all over with our plans, but that is life:) As hard as it might get I am very much looking forward to my dad and nana visiting, haven’t seen them in a year!

  2. Life can really get in the way of having adopted children. It will no doubt be a more challenging time for you all as family but I am sure you will get through. Knowing things might be difficult means that you can prepare as much as possible. Maybe try to find the familiar things for Jonathon to latch onto in amongst the new will help. I will have fingers crossed for calm seas.

    Thank you for joining in the Weekly Adoption Shout Out. xx

    • Thanks Sarah. Yes, I have been thinking about what can we keep the same and consistent in all the change as I think that will help him. I think for me too it will help. That and deep breaths and being extra understanding when behaviour is less than ideal:) Thanks for reading!

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