The Snowball Problem

I have a problem. And despite the fact that it’s -10, April 15th and there’s a foot of snow outside, my snowballs are not in my backyard.

You see, simple things with me are not simple, they snowball.

Ford example, I went to clean up a few toys of Jonathan’s yesterday and it snowballed into 2 garbage bags of donations and a completely rearranged and cleaned out room. See. Snowball.

This is just how I roll I’ve come to realize. Today, another snowball happened. This time at the garden centre.

What started as a quick trip for some new mulchy mossy stuff to repot my orchid, snowballed into a succulent terrarium, two potted succulents and another new hobby. Aka, entering the world of succulents (in a place that has winter 8 month a year this should be no problem whatsoever right?

Here’s what I did:





Heeey, check out that beautiful repotted snowball inducer in the background




I don’t actually like these particular plants in here, nor the rocks (the staff were looking at me sideways as Jonathan tore up and down the isles so I thought it would be best to not be picky at that moment) but I figure if I can keep them alive then we’ll worry about aesthetic later.

Fingers crossed the sun room can be set up in the next week or so and I don’t have to truck these beauties in and out every day.

Happy Spring-ish:)


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