Truckin’ Along

Time to catch up!

We’ve been cleaning up and cleaning out and moving stuff around in our house, doing small projects and making it feel nicer. Putting things on the walls, cleaning off book shelves and all kinds o’ fun…I guess it’s kind of spring cleaning-esq.

It started with my sewing area: (why this is upside down is beyond me)



It’s not completely finished yet but it’s a huge improvement.

This quickly snowballed into Gord’s comic collection being moved and restored in a new easier way (He is seriously giddy over this, he even took a photo and put it on Facebook. He never puts photos on Facebook. Never). It’s also a work in progress but things are slowly getting there.

We had to move Anthony’s lego to make some of this happen so he/we made a lego table. He too will have an official spot to work at his hobby.

20130331_123417 20130401_111518 20130404_183850

He’s so far moved about 1/20th of his lego into it’s new home…it’s a bit of project:)

And Jonathan doesn’t have a special spot just yet, he generally just takes the whole house:)

We had spring break the last week of March. It started well….the boys playing together, we went to zoo, indoor amusement park aka kiddie gambling…

        20130326_132226-2       20130326_132520-2


and then after a blissful 24 hours of respite it nose dived, crashed, burned and left with a bang. Going back to school and routine has been no treat either. Change in routine and schedules are proving to be difficult for the wee man, and in turn us…we’ll get there yet:)

Just like spring break, the weather has taken a dive for a few days but before the current cold snowy madness we were enjoying some steller spring weather. The bikes were dusted off, we made use of the park without winter boots and coats and shivering and we played in the mud down by the river one afternoon.

IMG_20130402_033300 IMG_20130402_033131 IMG_20130402_033521

Along we truck. Our wheels are a bit wobbly at the moment,  but we think we know where the screw driver is so we’ll keep on going:)


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