Monster Pants

Jonathan wore through 3 pant knees last week. I suppose this is what happens when you spend most of your day driving firetrucks on your knees, sliding on your knees and generally being 4.

So I fixed one pair that I thought I could save.


I’m not sure how long it will last but it was fairly simple.

I cut the hole larger and into somewhat of a shape of a mouth, stuck red fabric behind and sewed along the curvy part. I stuck the teeth in before sewing the top part. Next, I cut out the eyes and sewed the one black eye to the white first before attaching it and the other. Volia.

I should mention that the idea is not mine. I got it, like many things these days, off of Pinterest.

I ended up doing it by hand but I had tried to first rip up the seam of the jean to use mymachine (I read you can do this). It seemed to tricky though and easier by hand but I’m not sure if it is stable enough to last more than a few more wears and washes. Oh well, Jonathan really like it:)

Have a lovely week everyone! Spring is finally here (minus two days when it’s suppose to snow…whateves)


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