The Power of Kitty Brown

Jonathan fell in love with our cats day one, and much to my surprise they loved him right back. He calls them Kitty Brown and Kitty Black.


Just like us, the cats were use to quiet and calm and I was positive when his loud, fast-moving, only quiet when he’s sleeping self moved in our black cat who is scared of her own shadow (Kravan) would be hiding under a bed for a loooong time. And, although our brown cat (Calypso) is super friendly and loves any kind of attention (she stops people on the sidewalk as they pass and will flop down to have her belly scratched) she isn’t use to little people and I figured she would be uninterested in this new human.

But, what has been unfolding before my eyes has been amazing to watch.

IMG_20130228_085230 IMG_20130228_085319

I knew something was brewing between the Jman and Kitty Brown about 7 weeks or so after he moved in. We were told from his last foster mom (there have been 4) that in the recent past, he frequently would run and hide when he would hurt himself. In this way, Jonathan is making HUGE progress and is seeking comfort from me when hurt about 90% of the time, and he is slowly letting Gord into the mix too.


On this particular day he had hurt himself, and the other 10% happened.

He cried out, I went to him, and he ran.

He ran away yelling “NO NO NO” and hid under his bed. I lay down quietly on the floor beside his bed and was talking to him, or trying to anyway. Really, I was getting nowhere fast and he continued to cry and shout at me. Then, in saunters Brown Kitty. She went right under the bed and he completely switched – calling to her in his sweet little voice he was so calm. She came back out from under the bed and Jonathan followed. He sat in my waiting lap and showed me his hurt toe while the cat stood by. I was speechless at what I had just saw.

Turns out it wasn’t a fluke, which I had started to think it may have been. Several times after this happened I noticed when Jonathan had a fall or would bang an elbow and crying would follow, even if he came to me, a few seconds after his first cries the cat would appear.

And then last week, this happened:


There is something between these two. No flukes. No coincidences. Just a boy and his cat and some unspoken love.

Moments earlier, he had been in time out. Screaming louder than I had heard him ever before. When it was all over, he jumped in the bath and Kitty Brown came right in and plopped herself beside the tub. He would accidentally splash some water while he played about and the cat would run out for a moment, but she kept returning. Right back beside him. Blowing my mind.

Blowing my freakin’ mind!!!

And Kitty Black? She never did hide under the beds, or anywhere else for that matter. Not only that, she has even started to get in on the Jonathan love too. As his bath finished that night, she came in taking up the post after Brown Kitty had left. And, she often joins us on the bed each night while we read a book or two.

I tell ya, there is something special about this boy and these cats.


Blowing. My Mind.


**I just need to explain the horrendous blue carpet and disaster of a room that keeps popping up in my photos. It is our sun room. It has no insulation. In the summer it is gloriously hot and wonderful and we sit and read and there are plants and despite the blue carpet it is the most wonderful little space. Sigh. Unfortunately, in the winter when it get to -30 outside, it’s also that inside the sun room; so it becomes a dumping ground. Jonathan does not seem to care about the cold and spends so much time playing in here that many pictures end up with a lovely blue tinge with junk in the back ground. I feel better that you all know this now.


15 thoughts on “The Power of Kitty Brown

  1. This is brilliant, animals and children can be so connected. We have three cats and they are all good with the boys but I’ve never seen this sort of a bond. I do think they can help children in lots of ways, they often make a good distraction and can be comforting and calming. My youngest also has 2 guinea pigs, but another one died last year and he was heartbroken. It was terribly painful for him but I knew then that he could make emotional connections and we just need to keep going.

    As for that blue carpet, well I’ve never seen…only kidding. Made me laugh that you had to mention it. I’ll post on twitter a picture of my youngest one’s bedroom then you wont be so worried.

    Thanks for sharing on the weekly adoption shout out.xx

    • I just couldn’t let the world think I lived with cardboard and junk on my blue floor!

      Thanks for your comments. It’s funny, I had finished writing this but hadn’t posted when last night Jonathan had the biggest melt down, bigger than we’ve experienced so far and the cats stayed clear away! Haha. Maybe they knew it was too big for even them:) We lost one cat a couple years ago and Anthony was heartbroken too:( Tough life lessons but so worth having those furry creatures around!

  2. I love this – my cat is beginning to be the same with PJ and PJ is telling him about her poorlies – he appears when she is rerally distressed crying. It’s early days, but precious to see – for them both. I’m loving all the blog posts on the weekly adoption shout out – a true inspiration.

    • It’s so fascinating to watch isn’t it? I’ve heard many stories before on the news and such but to see it in my house is so awesome. I agree – this link up is so important:) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. What an amazing bond. I know of many a child (including me) that have brilliant connections with dogs, but even then, nothing like this.
    As Sarah says, you can see them make emotional connections which gives us hope for other relationships.

    Thanks for linking up to the Weekly Adoption Shout Out x

  4. Most definitely he makes the emotional connection. He even calls to them in when he’s in a time out and if they don’t come he looses his noodle a bit because I think he is craving their comfort.
    Thanks for hosting another week of awesome blogs!

  5. Just lovely to read about your boy/cat connection. It’s magic. Our poor cat gets pursued relentlessly in her quest to find some peace and quiet.

  6. Isn’t it amazing how animals can be such a comfort to kids! My son has quite a bond with our cat too and she can seem to calm him down when none of my usual tricks do. Sounds like Kitty Brown and Kitty Black are pretty special!

  7. Great post Lindsay! Found you through the blog hop. We have 2 golden retrievers and our son has become very attached to one of them. I guess it’s pet therapy in it’s natural state 🙂

    • Thanks Tara. It’s amazing to watch isn’t it? I feel like I should foster the connection but it is so natural there is no need! Thanks for stopping by!

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