(A Sad) Indoor Winter Garden

I’m a little of tired of saying “I saw this thing on Pinterest”, but…. I saw this thing on Pinterest.

Cut celery, put in water, plant, it will grow forever.

Cut green onions, put in water, it will grow forever.

Well, I don’t know where all these successful green thumbs are at now with their celery and onions but they sure didn’t leave any tips beyond ‘put in water’ and ‘plant’! (To be fair I only looked at a couple of sites)

Here’s my progress:


Day one – easy enough. After just a few hours you could actually see the green onion had already started growing a few centimeters

20130109_155604 20130109_155613

One week later – onions are growing fast, celery very slow. And, I’ve been to lazy to go get soil to plant the celery so I just change the water every couple days (with the onion too) and move along

20130112_205058 20130112_205128

Two weeks later – onions are awesome, celery still slow, but growing. And still in water…

20130129_165741 20130129_165652

3-4 weeks later – I chopped off the amazing regrown onions to use about a week before this photo and this is what grew back (so the third regrowth for these stalks) –  straggly, uneven, falling over onions (and the roots were a rats nest). Onion is out. The celery is still not planted in soil, BUT it is doing really well (I just pulled off the outer layers of slimy yuckyness  and continue to change the water). So celery can stay for now. Perhaps this week I will even make it out to buy soil and then maybe it will really start to take off?!

Oh Pinterest….

*** It’s now been about 5/6 weeks…I can’t keep track…and I didn’t make it to get soil. The tiny celery stalks got really limp and the outside was just too slimy to carry on. Perhaps the soil IS the key and the failure is all my fault. I shall try again in the spring!


5 thoughts on “(A Sad) Indoor Winter Garden

  1. I can’t even keep cilantro or parsley alive…and those are supposedly easy to grow. I may have to try this…although i have a black thumb when it comes to transplanting stuff…did you have to feed either of them? or just kept giving them fresh water?

    • I didn’t do anything to them except change the water…maybe that was the problem?! I’m pretty good at keeping plants alive so I’m not sure what happened with the onions but the celery I’m guessing would have done better transplanted into soil after a week or so:)

  2. I’ve done this and had fair results, about the same as yours. As much as I love how the green onions do, I’ve never been able to get more than a second use out of them. They get too slimy and seem to taste funny to me (then again, I’ve never used soil.) I haven’t had much luck at all with getting the celery going, I think I just don’t get enough direct sunlight.

    • That was exactly my experience:) I may try to start some celery in the next few weeks and then plant it out in the garden to see how it does. But the green onions were way to slimy to keep going. They also slowed down their growth after the second cutting. Who are these awesome people that can grow these things inside?!

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