I’m new to wordpress and trying to figure out the pictures/text formatting…please excuse the weirdness while I figure it out!

Besides, you know, the whole life-changing-adoption-thing we are doing, I’ve been trying to keep a little bit of me time doing the things I like to to do. The times I get to do them are shorter and I’m usually tired and would be rather sitting on the couch scrolling Pinterest for…well, anything really! But I think it’s important to maintain some kind of self these days.

So, I made some jam.


In the summer, I pitted and froze what I thought was a lot of cherries. Turns out it was only enough for 5 small jars, but 5 delicious jars. Last time I made jam, which was my first time, it didn’t turn out so hot. This time, I took it as a personal challenge to do better. I really enjoy the process – all those steps and the whole procedure of making jam. One of the best parts was the amount of humidity the giant pots of boiling water produced. I was in heaven.


I also made some cinnamon sugar almonds for little gifts for teachers, friends, neighbors…ourselves….after burning the first batch (do not turn your oven a simgin over what is listed in the recipe!) these also turned out delicious and were quick and easy:)

A week ago I took part in a little art/Christmas show that Gord’s work puts on every year I had  a few things made already and ‘whipped’ up a few more. Ha. It was a great success and I hope that maybe in the spring I can participate in another show.

Finally, I got started on my binding for this quilt <—Working on top of a play mat around trucks and trampolines was new for this gal. I now have it cut, just need to sew it together and then actually bind it. Maybe by the new year it will be finished!  I also have my big traveling quilt I’ve been making with my friend Christine in Australia to work on. I now have the backing and binding (I think…unless I change my mind…).

If anybody has tips on how to stay up to midnight to get things done I’d appreciate it.

I started Christmas baking too, just a few simple recipes this year, however I forgot to take any pictures. I know, the scandal. Next week is Gord’s birthday so there will be more baking – black forest cake to be had! I love this time of year!!!


2 thoughts on “Self

    • Thanks Heather! I bought most of the fabric for that quilt at They are a great company and have good quality fabric for the same or cheaper than local quilt shops and they coordinate bundles for you. Good luck at getting your first quilt done!

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