Well I did it! I managed to spend 5 days off and check off many things on my giant to do list in amongst morning naps, long showers and couch slothing. The weather wasn’t as nice as I thought it would be, but all the gardening and outdoor activities were replaced with closest cleanings and watching many episodes of The Soprano’s (with no cable, we get hooked on a show once in a while and download the series…almost done season one!)

I also got to makin’ me a second shirt: way easier than the first, although it took a few alterations and adjustments, and took me only 2 and half hours. Now, I just need some nice weather so I can wear my new shirts! (I also made two birthday presents but will wait to post them:)

And, the best part of having a staycation? Making peanutbutter cornflake balls at 11:30 pm on a whim. Yumm.

Good thing there’s only 2 work days of work to get through before the weekend…I’m going to need to ease back in as I’ve become very accustomed to my new life style!


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